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Subaru Solterra 2024: A Balanced Model



Subaru is known for the bold character of its vehicles, which isn't necessarily evident in the Solterra. However, it's important to remember that the Japanese manufacturer's SUV comes from a close collaboration with Toyota. It's a different product, but it's also excellent news for the brand as it allows Subaru to attract buyers who aren't necessarily brand enthusiasts. The BRZ also exists thanks to Toyota, and the small sports car has been hugely successful since its market debut.


There are no major new features for the Solterra in 2024, as the model has just been launched.


Range and Price


The Japanese manufacturer's all-electric SUV has a starting price of $59,158, which is slightly more expensive than the average. However, it comes with a complete standard equipment package. If you add the luxury package, you'll get a more refined finish and access to a few additional body color options, all for $63,658. Finally, the technology package raises the price to $66,158. Ironically, most of the added technologies are aimed at improving comfort, which is ultimately a good thing. The good news is that the Japanese manufacturer's SUV is eligible for various government rebate programs that can go up to $12,000 at the time of writing. This is a significant amount that makes a big difference and makes the Solterra much more appealing.


Category and Competition


The Subaru Solterra belongs to the compact SUV category. For reference, the Forester is in the same category for Subaru's gasoline vehicles. This segment is one of the hottest in the industry, and this is also true for electric vehicles. It's important to know that the Solterra is the result of a close collaboration between Subaru and Toyota. The other manufacturer also offers a similar model called the bZ4X.


Rivals: Ford Mustang Mach-E, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Hyundai Kona EV, Kia EV6, Mazda MX-30, Nissan Ariya, Vinfast VF8, Volkswagen ID.4


Design and Technologies


I find it interesting how Toyota and Subaru manage to create vehicles with traits belonging to both brands. It's clear that Toyota had a greater influence on the overall shape of the model, and this is also true for the typically Toyota-like interior. However, some elements, like the headlights and taillights, are strikingly similar to those found on Subaru models. Somehow, both manufacturers have managed to find an ideal balance, which contributes to the Solterra's design.


As for technologies, everything related to driving is perfectly calibrated. The driver aids are not overly intrusive but remain effective. The Solterra's multimedia system is relatively simple to use, and its navigation is very smooth.




The Subaru Solterra offers only one mechanical option, which is rather unusual since the Toyota bZ4X offers two. However, this isn't really an issue because the version not available from Subaru is the front-wheel-drive model. At the same time, Subaru is known for its all-wheel-drive system, which comes standard with the Solterra. Thus, the Japanese manufacturer's SUV has a dual electric motor configuration delivering a total power of 215 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque. What makes this setup interesting is that it's paired with the most efficient all-wheel-drive system in the world, nothing less. The Subaru Solterra has a 72.8 kWh battery pack, providing an average range of 359 kilometers on a full charge. However, our tests have shown that the range might be higher than the Japanese manufacturer's estimate, which is a good thing.


Weak Points


The maximum range is slightly below average. Fast charging is limited even if it has been updated, which isn't necessarily a good thing given the range. It lacks a bit of an eccentric touch.


Strong Points


Its all-wheel-drive system is very efficient. The Subaru Solterra is one of the most comfortable SUVs in its category. It's also a very spacious and functional vehicle. The ride silence is impressive.


Signature Element


The Subaru Solterra is one of the most versatile electric compact SUVs currently available on the market.


Final Word


I'd like to say that the Subaru Solterra is unique, but it has a twin at Toyota, as you know. However, there are slight differences between the two models, which is why I prefer the Subaru in some aspects. Ultimately, it's mainly a matter of taste. And you, which one do you prefer?


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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