Palladino Lending Solutions

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Vehicle Financing at Palladino Lending Solutions

As a part of the Palladino Auto Group, Subaru of Sudbury is a part of Ontario’s most trusted dealership group offering everything from smartly-priced domestic and import vehicles to the most luxurious vehicles on the market today. It means we also work hand-in-hand with the team over at Palladino Lending Solutions, Sudbury’s premier destination for automotive financing. Read on to learn more about how Palladino Lending Solutions is here to find you a solution to all of your finance-related needs.

Vehicle Financing Solutions for Ontario

While it’s the last word in their name, solutions are the first thing you’ll find at Palladino Lending Solutions. Regardless of your credit score or situation, the PLS team will work with you to not only get you a great rate on the right vehicle for your needs, but they’ll also provide tips on how you can improve your credit rating. Not only that, but between their Return To Prime and referral programs they’ll even put cash back into your pocket. With a trustworthy, no-nonsense approach, extensive vehicle selection, and experienced team, you won’t find a better option for vehicle financing than at Palladino Lending Solutions!

Return To Prime

One way Palladino Lending Solutions helps residents of Sudbury get back on track when it comes to their credit is the Return To Prime program. While those with subprime credit often face higher interest rates than those with prime credit or better, the lending practices often border on predatory with huge interest rates and horrible penalties while offering no reward for good behaviour. However, thanks to Palladino’s Return To Prime program, you will actually see your interest rate get lower year-over-year as long as you make your payments on time. So make the smart choice and go with Palladino Lending Solutions if you want to improve your credit rating and save money at the same time.

Referral Program

In addition to the Return To Prime program, Palladino Lending Solutions offers a stellar referral program meant to put cash directly into your pocket! It’s quite simple: just refer your friends, family, and coworkers to Palladino Lending Solutions and if they purchase a vehicle you can make up to $500 a referral bonus. Another bonus? The referral will be an easy one to make, once you’ve had firsthand experience with the way Guy and his team treat you with respect, understanding, and kindness.

A Trustworthy Source for Finance Information

It’s easy for us to say that we’re trustworthy—but you’ve got to make the decision for yourself. Luckily, we make it easy. Whether you come visit us in-person, or simply explore the straightforward content on the Palladino Lending Solutions website—from our FAQ page to our regularly updated blog—we offer a transparent look into the way vehicle financing works, and what you can expect.

If your credit score needs improvement, or you don’t feel comfortable with the way other vehicle financing “specialists” are treating you, then visit Sudbury’s Palladino Lending Solutions for a fair, honest, and respectful experience when financing a vehicle. Regardless of your credit situation, we’re here to find a solution. Simply click the link below to explore the Palladino Lending Solutions website, and begin the process of financing your next vehicle today!