Service FAQ

1. Why is it important to service my vehicle at Palladino Subaru?
By servicing at an authroized Subaru dealership like Palladino Subaru, you are ensuring that any parts being replaced on your vehicle will be OEM parts made specifically for your vehicle. Our technicians are specifically trained for the Subaru brand and also have access to a vast library of information related to Subaru if needed.  In addition, if your vehicle is under warranty and our technicians notice a needed service while your vehicle is in for regular maintenance, the repair can be performed free of charge.
Any Subaru vehicle 2012 and up recommended service intervals are 6 months or 10,000 KM’s – whichever comes first. For more information on other specific years or models click here.
Using OEM Subaru parts is the best way to ensure quality and reliable performance. Subaru warranty will only cover their OEM provided or purchased parts. When using OEM Subaru parts, it’s easy to say you will have the peace of mind with every repair/service.
For any recall related questions, please call our service department and one of our service advisors will be able to provide you the information you will need. All that is requested is your vehicle identification number (VIN #).
Our Parts department will be able to order you a new owners manual – for more information call 705.419.2285.
A wheel alignment is a standard maintenance that adjusts the degrees of the tires. It is important to have proper wheel alignment to ensure accurate handling and reduce tire wear. Improper tire alignment will cause vibrations, inaccurate steering, stress to the vehicle’s suspension and premature tire wear.
Palladino Subaru offers one courtesy vehicle – that being said it cannot be reserved and does get lent out on a first come, first serve basis. If it not lent out at the time of your visit, we would be happy to provide it.
Yes, Subaru of Sudbury does offer tire storage. The seasonal storage cost is $49.95 + tax. We also do offer select service packages that include: Tire install, Balance, alignment with FREE tire storage. For more information, please contact our service department.
General rule for Summer tire change is when the daily temperature is +7˚Celsius or above. For winter tire swap – once daily temperature is below +7˚ Celsius. Northern Ontario’s law allow for studded tires between the months of October 1st to April 30th.
We have a comfortable, pet friendly waiting area for you to sit back and relax in with WiFi, complimentary coffee and water while our team of experts work on your vehicle.

Always remember to check your vehicle service needs in your vehicle service maintenance guide or call 705.419.2285 to speak with one of our service advisors.